About Us

We are a friendship club operating in the Amherstburg area since October 1973. Our club is a not-for-profit charitable organization that currently have just under 200 members (April 2024) from around Essex County… but mostly from Amherstburg

We provide a chance for older adults to meet people in their community, make new friends, and participate in fun activities that can enrich their lives.

Our success is due to the hard work of volunteers who look after the club’s day-to-day business and activities.

There is no age limit to participate and become a member.

New members are welcome. 


How to Join

Joining is easy. Come to the office at 179 Victoria Street around 12.30 pm, Monday thru Friday. Bring your $10 membership fee and speak to one of our executive members…most likely, you’ll speak with June, Judy, or Marcella.

Your annual membership entitles you to  participate in all our activities like weekly card games (euchre, pepper, cribbage, bridge, and majong), line dancing, and bingo. The fees are $2 per person for the card games. The bingo and line dancing fees are set by the organizer. Got bingo questions…call Rosalyn at              519-736-7139 or Jan at 519-736-5307 for line dancing questions. 

You can also attend our card tournaments where all the registration money is returned to the winning members as prize money. Also, as a member you can attend our special  occasion meals.

Come and see for yourself. You can attend  our weekly game activities a few times. Decide for yourself if you would like to join. We hope to see you soon.